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TP304H,UNS S30409 , 1.4948 , X6CrNi18-10
Material No.1.4948
EN symbol X6CrNi18-10


B.S.304 S51
StandardsEN 10088-3


Grade 304H stainless steel is an austenitic chromium alloy with a higher carbon content than standard grade 304, that is cold–worked to generate a higher tensile strength.
Especially designed for use in higher elevated temperature applications, it resists most oxidising acids to withstand ordinary rusting and can be found in kitchens, pharmaceutical environments, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, chemical containers, pipelines, and anywhere such as the power generation industry where high temperature petroleum gases or steam production gases are used.
Benefits of using 304H stainless steel include:
Greater heat resistance due to its high carbon content
A higher tensile yield strength
A greater short and long-term creep strength
Grade 321H stainless steel is a modification of Grade 321 with a higher carbon content, thus improving high temperature strength. With a temperature range of up to 900°C, 321H is also resistant to scaling and phase liability with resistance to aqueous corrosion.

Chemical composition (%)

1.4948                X6CrNi18-100.04-  0.11 

Mechanical Properties:(%)

GradeTensile StrengthYield Strength 0.2%Elongation -HardnessHardness
ksi (min.)Offset ksi (min.)% in(Brinell) MAX(Rockwell B) MAX
  50 mm (min.)  

 *Convert ksi to Mpa Formula:  ksi/0.1450377

Welding filler for welded pipe & tube

AWS 5.4 AWS E308/308H-16    ASME SFA 5.4 UNS W30810

Readily welded by most standard processes. may be necessary to anneal the plate after welding annealing helps restore corrosion resistance lost by the sensitization.

Main fields of application (depending on the specific conditions of use)
Alloy 304H is often used as a material of construction up to about 1500oF. Some examples of applications that Alloy 304H is commonly used for includes:
Most commonly used in petroleum refineries, Boilers ,Heat exchangers ,Condensers ,Pipelines ,Cooling towers ,Steam exhausts ,Electric generation plants, On occasion will be found in fertilizer and chemical plants